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Founded in 2009, SECNAC is a quick growing provider of bathroom products. We are specialized in innovation, design and manufacture premium quality bidets as a hygienic and comfortable alternative to toilet paper.


Bidets are often recommended for the elderly or for those recovering from surgery, but they can be used by anyone. They cut down on toilet paper usage, improve hygiene, and leave you with a refreshingly clean feeling. Even children at an appropriate age can operate a bidet on their own.


SECNAC’s mechanical bidets attachments cost far less than many electric bidets. Installation is simple so you can do it yourself. All accessories are provided; you only need a screwdriver and wrench.


With 3M (OEM, ODM,and IDM) business model, SECNAC creates much more valuable business for its global business partners:

- OEM: (Original Equipment Manufacture)

     Our complete manufacture includes tooling, injection molding, secondary processing , quality control and assembly.

- ODM: (Original Design Manufacture)

    Design + Complete Manufacture. Our design includes: Concept, ID, structure design and product design.

- IDM: (Innovation Design Manufacture)

     Innovation + Design +Complete Manufacture. Our innovation includes: Idea, Key technology and Patent. With a professional R&D team, we pursue each valuable proposal for customer.

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