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bidet toilet escamotable
Toilet bidet non-electronic bidet for germany market

* Retractable Nozzle and Self-cleaning feature 

hot water sprayer
AMI910 Non-Electric Portable Water Sprayer

Affordable upgrade your toilet to turn your bathroom more luxurious , using water pressure alone, the SECNAC bidet provides a more comfortable, hygienic experience to our buyer- you'll never want to go back to coarse toilet paper. 

toilet bidet
Bidet Toilet Sprayer Muslim Bidet

Cold water;Single nozzle;Wash + Nozzle self cleaning;Handle& Knob

bidet sprayer
Woman Wash Bidet Spray Toilet Bidet

Dual nozzle for family use and woman use 

Bidet Attachment
Non Electric Mechanical bidet Attachment

ABS Plastic, Strong Metal And Ceramic Core Valves

toilet bidet
Toilet Seat Bidet Attachment For Muslim Fmaily

(1) SENT patent, Smart Nozzle Ergonomic Technology (2) FIT patent,Flash Installation Technology

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