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    Most pregnant women are worried that toilet bidet using will cause premature birth. The study, conducted by Dr. John Thorp, shows that it has no clinical health risk, so they can be reassured that cleaning with a bidet after using the toilet will not throw off their vaginal bacteria balance or increase the risk their baby born early. What will cause premature birth? It is inflammation ar...

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    Why Proper Wash Needed? 1.Cleansing power of water is way better than the toilet paper 2.Water thoroughly cleanses the area reducing the chance of bacteria 3.Reduce your chances of Colon Cancer which is around 54% of all newly diagnosed cancers among men and women 4.Protect your family from bacteria and infections due to not cleaning properly A part of the Islamic cultural development Shattaf bide...

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    Today is November 24th, Thanksgiving Day.Some people may be confused that what can be a good gift for family and friend. People giving a Thanksgiving gift to friends and family, because they want to thank them for help and care. What is the best gift? The gift should be health and careful. Secnaca bidet is a mechanical bidet use for body cleaning. Water cleaning is more health than paper cleaning....

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    Do you know who invented the toilet bidet? It’s French! The original bidet was crude and called the bee-day by French, it was just a bowl to squat or straddle over at the beginning. Then the bidet developed into a separate porcelain toilet with faucets. In the middle 1900’s, the toilet manufacturers in America improved it as a porcelain bathroom device, but exported mostly to other countries when ...

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    More and more family choice a toilet  bidet as their clean tool. Because bidet can totally change their life. What a secnac bidet can bring to you? Non Electricity, More Safety Now many bathroom didn’t have power socket,and it isn’t dry wet depart. Non electric bidet can use without electricity. Don’t need to worry about electric leakage and electric shock. Secnac bidet guarantee safe. Hip Cl...

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    Most people use toilet paper to clean themselves. So when the new products -bidet toilet sprayer appear on the market. People even don’t know what is this. After they figure out what is this and how to use it. Some people may thinking why we should use toilet bidet instead of toilet paper. Let me tell you what benefits does it offer. Water Cleans You Better than Paper – Water is more effectiv...

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    People use paper to clean their body after using toilet before, and some place, such like India,people use hands to clean.But something is changing, a new tech, toilet bidet spray is more and more popular around world. First came covered sewers, then indoor plumbing and flush toilets. Now, one bathroom at a time, another major shift in toilet hygiene is quietly underway. A new generation...

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    What is electronic toilet seat cover? It is tool install in toilet, which can help you clean your body. It is a new bidet which combine with toilet. Nowadays more and more family use toilet bidet instead of toilet paper to clean their body. In Japan, almost all families use toilet bidet instead of toilet paper. Sales volume of toilet bidet is rising. People use bidet because bidet can make them mo...

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    With functions of woman wash. Woman can use bidet toilet seats to clean their private parts. As we knows, keeping clean is a key point to keep away from gynecopathy. Before, woman always use toilet paper to clean private parts. But many toilet paper carry bacteria. Some of toilet paper even contain fluorescer. It is dangerous for woman health, especially during menstrual period. Using toilet bidet...

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