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Does the nozzle always stay out? Or is it retractable and come out only when in use?
The nozzle is retractable and only comes out when the water is turned on, ensuring a clean operation every time.
Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Use a Bidet

Have you ever come across the word ‘bidet’ and rolled your eyes because you think they are frivolous and for wealthy people who are too privileged to wipe their own butts? If you do, then you aren’t alone. But, it’s time to look at bidets under a different light. They are wonderful devices that can change lives, promote healthier lifestyles, and save you ‘loads’ of money. We are going to prove to you with only 9 reasons why bidets are very practical and provide excellent benefits for anyone at any age.



Here are our top 9 reason lists:


1. Bidet Costs Only 5 Packs Toilet Paper


oilet paper is about $10 for a 12 pack on average. After 5 packs of that you could have purchased a basic bidet attachment. Also have a big family? You would use a fraction of the toilet paper you would normally with cleaner results when you have a bidet. With the money you save on toilet paper you can spend it on something better.




2. More Hygienic Than Paper

If you got something full of germs and bacteria on your hands or arms you wouldn’t just wipe it with a paper towel until it came back clean, would you? You wouldn’t feel like you got your hands clean unless you scrubbed with soap and water! You would use at least water to clean it off so why only use dry toilet paper on your bottom? It is a sensitive area that you should treat as best as you could to maintain the best hygiene and prevent future problems and toilet paper alone is not the best you can do.  T



3.Prevent Toilet Clogging

As you know by now, using a bidet will help you use less toilet paper. Using less toilet paper is not only cost effective but will also help prevent clogged toilets. Also if your house is not connected to a city sewer system, you will have a limit on your septic tank. Using less toilet paper will allow for your septic tank to be emptied less! Toilet paper clogs can be costly to fix for you and can cost a city thousands of dollars to fix. No matter how strongly companies claim that toilet paper is flush-able, large masses of it going through the same pipes will eventually cause problems. With a bidet, you really only need a few squares of toilet paper to pat dry so this significantly reduces the amount of waste you’re flushing each time you use the bathroom.


4. Helps for Health Problems


If someone suffers from constipation or hemorrhoids, a bidet seat will help a ton! Some bidets have enough pressure or specially designed nozzle tips to send water inside you for a more thorough cleaning to help flush your system inside out.

People who suffer from hemorrhoids no longer have to suffer with the rough abrasive feel of toilet paper. Some higher end bidets offer warm water as a solution against toilet paper. The pain of hemorrhoids will be a thing of the past.


5.Luxury Decoration to Your Bathroom


Going for a high end luxurious bathroom but don’t have a lot of space for a standalone bidet? The well designed bidets will not only fit your bathroom theme but they will also add value. There is nothing wrong with wanting a luxurious bathroom, after all you work hard for what you have, so why not reward yourself? The bidet is the ultimate bathroom upgrade, everyone has a sink, toilet, and a shower in their bathroom, but not everyone has a bidet. People will be wowed and impressed when they walk into your bathroom and they see a state-of-the-art bidet.


6. Good Stepping Stones for Kids


Good personal hygiene is something we all want for our kids. Washing your bottom after every “use” is a good reminder for children to follow when they perform proper bathroom hygiene. It will continuously be used to help them to develop great personal hygiene habits. Personal hygiene is important for children and it will help to prevent them from getting sick by eliminating fecal matter and bacteria.


7. More Environmentally Friendly Than Toilet Paper


On average Americans use about 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year. That’s 473,587,500,000 gallons of water wasted per year, that’s 473 billion gallons! 36.8 billion rolls of toilet paper is roughly 15 million trees. Imagine if half of the American population started using bidets, that number would drop significantly. Water wouldn’t be wasted, forests would thrive once again. The amount of toilet paper used by people who have bidets is a fraction of the amount that people without bidets use.


8. Over all, bidets are just cool!

Being able to clean and dry with just the push of a button makes anyone feel like royalty on their porcelain throne. Bidets are still a fairly new concept in the United States but they are rapidly gaining more popularity as people begin to understand how beneficial they are and how much they contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Bidets will make your life easier, keep you clean and refreshed after each use, save you money, and fascinate your peers.


9. More Space-Efficient Than Conventional Bidet

A traditional standalone bidet requires additional space and plumbing. An attachable bidet requires no additional space and no additional plumbing because they are designed to fit onto your existing toilet and fit into existing water supply valves.

For a standalone bidet, you have to straddle the bidet and sit awkwardly on it to get it to line up right. With a bidet attachment you just sit on the toilet like usual, and can adjust the water temperature as needed, make it pulsate or oscillate, move the nozzle to your desired position, and many other functions! Standalone bidets have a classical look but are not practical anymore especially in the United States where most bathrooms cannot accommodate a toilet and additional room for a bidet fixture.


Does your company is factory or trade company?
SECNAC is a factory expert in producing toilet bidets and other bathroom accessories.
What’s the main difference between a non-electric bidet and a separate European-style bidet?

One of the biggest benefits of installing and using a ‘toilet’ bidet, like the SECNAC Bidet, is itsdual-hygiene practicality. You should know the importance of cleansing both your genitalsand your anal area after a bowel movement? With a separate European-style bidet, I’m not sure how you can practically do that and not use the same amount of toilet paper you’re already using.It seems near impossible and certainly not practical to quickly try and hop from your toilet to a separate bidet unit after a bowel movement.And since separate bidet units are not designed to handle solid waste, you’ll have to wipe yourself using toilet paper prior to cleansing in this type of bidet.

 SECNAC toilet bidet provides a much more practical solution and truly supports the dual-purpose hygiene mentioned above. With a SECNAC bidet, you may wish to wipe with only a small amount of toilet paper or dedicated towel, to pat yourself dry after using it.

Here's a summary of the major advantages of the SECNAC Bidet over the separate European-style unit.

SECNAC bidet is less expensive than separate bidet units and saves toilet paper

SECNAC bidet does not require extra space in your bathroom for a separate unit and is easy to install

SECNAC bidet promotes practical dual-hygienic cleansing of both genitals and anal area with a single toilet unit


Does a Bidet take up too much space and difficult to install?

If you install a separate European-style unit, that could easily be the case.

A non-electric bidet is a unit that fits and operates on your current toilet. And its adjustable design specifically allows it to fit on most toilets. Not only is it easy to install, special plumbing (and the added cost of a plumber) is not required. You can install it yourself in less than 20mins. 

Is a Bidet too expensive?

If you install a separate European-style unit, that could easily be the case.Most Non-electric bidet could pay for itself quite quickly in what you save in toilet paper expenses. Every household may use different amounts of paper, based on an average US household size of 2.6 people, and a daily average toilet paper use of 57 sheets per person,a $59.00 bidet could pay for itself in 8-10 months. Depending on your household habits, your payback period could even be less.

A non-electric bidet don't have to be expensive and can potentially pay for itself with toilet paper savings over time. And of course, this is in addition to all the extraordinary hygiene benefits you get , the environmental savings you're contributing to as well.

Does the bidet control panel have to be on the right hand side?
Yes, the bidet control panel must be on your right hand side as you are sitting on the toilet (your left hand side if you are facing the toilet).
How does the hot water feature work? Is a water heater attached to the bidet?
The bidets that feature warm water are completely non-electric and do not heat the water. For the warm water, a hose is connected to the hot water supply in the bathroom (normally under the sink). The hose and other accessories are provided in the package. To see which models are warm water, please click here to go to the model comparison chart
Will the bidet fit my toilet?

Please see the dimensions in the diagram below to decide if the bidet will fit your toilet.

Can models with the warm water feature work if only connected to the fresh water source?
Yes, if you have a warm water bidet but cannot or do not wish to connect it to the hot water source, the bidet will still operate. However, this means you will only be able to use the bidet with a fresh water spray. A plastic end cap is included in the accessory kits in case you do not connect the hot water. This cap can be screwed onto the hot water inlet to prevent water from flowing out of the inlet when the bidet is turned on.  
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