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SECNAC has built an efficient quality assurance system. The complete check and inspection instruments,advanced quality information gathering,evaluation and feedback means as well as excellent quality management team ensure the whole procedure from design,manufacture to services under strict control and supervision. 

The ISO9001:2008 QC is our certified system. Quality Control (QC) and monitoring procedures are built into every aspect of our work. Our staff recognizes that quality is the root of SECNAC. Having employees with extensive experience and professional training, along with our excellent quality control system, guarantees that all our products and services can meet customers’ requirements from design to delivery.   

Our ERP system and KAM system can provides our entire operation with full data retrieval. This not only ensures outstanding consistency for our customers, but it also stores the progress of each order through all stages of production.

SECNAC’s QC team is specially trained and experienced in this manufacturing field. They are happy to discuss your custom quality requirements to ensure our mission to meet customer satisfaction. Our quality system is set up as below:

    1. Designing verification and validation

    2. Receiving inspection ( IQC)

    3. First Article Inspection (FAI,using a 6sigma tool, measuring all of the first articles and making sure their CPK≥1.33) 

    4. In-process inspection(PQC,including computerized, paperless real time SPC, and process capability studies)

5. Final inspection before shipment of each order(FQC).

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